Something is actually wrong with my ability to upload the pics – talk to me at the next zero day by the pool. Aaaarg!

The raccoons have been after my things again. I’ve left nothing for them and yet they are determined to leave nothing unturned for me. This is how it is in campgrounds, maybe how it’s always been. And the mosquitoes in Florida! WOAH!

Riding down the A1A is cool with a few vistas del mar and plenty of giant trucks. Add in the plentiful sunshine and a great riding partner, my wife, and you’ve got yourself a bicycle tour worth its salt that is currently rusting your chain from the seabreeze. The Florida Mountains came and went and then came again. 5 miles from our Warmshowers we had to climb 2 of them while riding directly into the setting sun. Those of you that know better are right. That is a recipe for getting mutilated by aforementioned giant hot wheels trucks. Canyonero!

Needless to say, we arrived. Turbo looking petite and sanctimonious while I appeared to have been digging up loose gravestones and robbing the dead of their weary moods. A shower and a high vis shirt change later and I was back among the living, disagreeing with simple assessments of why taking the ferry is not an option and scarfing down creamy pasta tagliatelle with mushrooms and fresh baked rye bread. You’re welcome.

Tomorrow could be a doozy, duzer. We are going to get up early and pedal power as far as we can get. No rushing or anything, just butts in seats and lots of spontaneous hollering of STOPPING to get pics and possibly a coke zero. We’ll see. We don’t have a place to stay yet so if you are reading this blog, live near Boca Raton, and are not one of the estimated 9 serial killers operating in the good ol’ US of A… lmk.

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