Progress. I should be able to embed this map so we can click on the map and interact with the route, but nope.

We got that early start today and were we ever glad. By 9 I was slathering on sunscreen and slamming waters, eating snacks and scratching, scratching, scratching. So, I guess that first night at the campground it wasn’t just mosquitoes feasting on my blood. The no see-ums, sand fleas, chiggers, or whatever else you wanna call the buggers were having a golden corral on my ankles. By this morning I needed help! My ankles were a mess. I was not surprised that no pharmacy was open and catering to my healthcare needs on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. All hail Publix.

We rode a beautiful and short trail out of Stuart that led us onto South Beach and down Jupiter Island. The scene was gorgeous and flooded with local cyclist riding as fast they could with string strung calves and taught faced grimaces. We smiled and stopped, ate raisins and answered sos questions. I introduced us as the meanderers from Ohio, a pair of very astute mall watchers testing out some new people watching frontiers. We’d gone from food courts and the limited to the South Beach Diet and Rapha.

This, is not us.

Hobe Sound went well and then there was Jupiter were I discovered Saturn Street. We ate at a little breakfast spot where the waitress was either having a tough day or seriously hated us, the food was good though and we quickly discovered if we went inside with our empty water glasses they did have refills in there, they just no longer delivered.


Then, as if called upon by the sunburnt kings of old the sweltering began. The roads rippled with heat and my head felt like a bounce castle carried high upon the gale force winds. Gatorade.

This, is hot me

Hot me had some gator colors to go with my gatorade while we checked out some pretty styling sand sculptures.

We had a camp spot but we called it quits and got a room, a pizza, a piece of tiramisu, and two very long showers. Tomorrow we go to Hollywood.

This, is not our motel

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