We’re getting earlier starts which is helping with the traffic and the heat. Woof! It is still hot dogs down here.

Publix has been our number one food spot. Turbo is sticking with the salads and veggie wraps while I continue to be drawn towards the fried chicken tenders and waffle fries.

The front of this house looks like home Simpsons hair.

I think it hit 87 today, which means the blacktop was like a raging inferno. I made a 7 layer burrito of sunscreen and wore it as my outfit for the full day. Tracy says since we are headed south this tour should only be right turns.

We had our first flat. Couldn’t find anything in the tire but it looked like a hole from one of those truck wire thingies.

No pets. That’s pretty hard and fast and when I saw the flat and went beast mode we had to move out of the immediate area. As we were leaving there were these guys playing handball and one of them was just screaming at another player. I could not handle that, wtf?

We made it to Hollywood riding through alleys and dodging trains and got to stay with our new friend Jeff Skinner. He fed us pasta with red sauce, coffee, and pancakes in that order.

He’s rocking a deeper shade of soul with the blue on that house. Turbo has the pancake syrup smile.

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