When the designer, Gregory Tobias, sent me over some preliminary drawings for the logo I saw things I liked, things I loved and things that had to go away. The tricky part is being able to talk through this in a way that an artist (come on now, that’s not the way I wrote it) could glean my real feelings. I’m not talking about people taking things personally. Greg never did that and if he had I’d be writing about a different graphic designer right now. I’m talking about conveying your thoughts to someone that has to interpret them and then funnel those thoughts through their own framework and pull something out the other end that meshes in both realities. Phew, that last sentence… Yeah. He had created a character for JuicyMelt with elements of my influences but the character just didn’t fit in with my overall vision. He had many great ideas but one in particular stood out. He put a chili pepper in the third eye location.

The pepper alone allowed me to build from a true starting point and not just some vague ideas about stuff I liked from pop culture. Foundation. The third eye chili pepper made me think. It made me look inward for inspiration. I sent him an email basically saying we need to start over and that I would send him an email with the direction I wanted to go as soon as I knew it. I bet he said “oh, shit” as soon as he read the email. Another, here we go again, kinda thing. So, I got busy. Busy thinking about what it all meant. I know it may seem silly to some of you but I take this stuff seriously and I was spending money after all. He had told me up front I get one free do over, so I folded. I spent the next week shuffling though emotions and trying to figure out what I truly wanted.

This is much more difficult than it seems. When you can have pretty much anything it can be difficult to settle on something, anything. Aside – have you ever been on a road trip and when you get hungry you just keep looking at the options listed on the signs near the highway but you don’t stop and you get hungrier and more irritable as you continue to pass food up? I’ve noticed that when I do this it eventually means it makes zero difference where I finally eat. Nothing ever satisfies me. Maybe it’s the roady fast food or the diner isn’t familiar or whatevs, but I’m never happy with my choice. I could not let this happen with my logo. I needed a decision and the sooner I made it the better it’d taste, right! Oh, the pressures you’ll have.

That’s the next book in the Suess series of life. I was visiting Tracy at work. I had been complaining that all I had was a third eye chili pepper and hope. I jumped in my car and was heading home. I remember clearly sitting at the Woodman and Stroop light when it popped in my mind. I saw the image that is my logo. I saw it almost completely. The clouds, the amorphous being with the chili third eye, the pose and the two items in open palms. Yes, I’m into meditation and exploring why we think the way we do but I had no answer for this. I just knew I had the answer, for this!

More to come next week including the full break down of each element and what it means to me.

We are also very close to releasing two new sauces and some restaurant sized packaging. Where will our first JuicyMelt Supreme Wing Night be??? Stay tuned!

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Jeffrey McElfresh is a co-owner and founder of JuicyMelt Supreme Hot Sauce.
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