I love creating and balancing flavor profiles. I love cooking and making hot sauces. I love writing. And that’s why I’m here. This blog is meant to chronicle the adventures of JuicyMelt Supreme, a brand new hot sauce company out of Dayton, Ohio. It’s a way for us to share what it’s like starting a business from scratch, all the ups and downs – strikes and gutters. We’ll have recipes, cooking tutorials, plenty of shenanigans, lots of food pictures and hopefully some selfies with all the awesome people we’ve already met plus some new faces we intend to barrage with our questions and hot sauces. I hope you’ll be one of those people. I hope we can engage you here, that you’ll follow along and ask questions of your own, that you’ll recognize us somewhere and say hello, maybe have dinner with us sometime and we can spice it up.

Fall is in the air now and we can feel the change coming.  Last night I harvested all of my chili pepper plants in the dark. I had a very good haul on the sugar rush peach peppers this year even though I couldn’t stop eating them fresh from the plant. I also saw a good amount of jalapeño and cayenne. I’m dreaming of jalapeño potato soup and maybe dashing it with garlic salted butter and chives. More on that later.

In the meantime we’re out here looking for our people. (people like this guy on the left) We know you’re out there shopping some incredible hot sauce aisle and maybe, just maybe, this blog will help us connect. That’s all we need. Connections. The world is an exciting place and I’m super excited to be in it with you. To be out and about enjoying food and fun with new and old friends, that’s living. So help us turn up the heat on this Fall weather. We’re still grilling in our shorts on the deck and inviting you to come on over. Let’s stay connected and work together, maybe we’ll have some adventures and try new things. We’re here to build and we want you along with us. It’s time to stand up and shout and we’ve got plenty to say and so, for now we are just gonna start with a nice morning mantra, Hello World!

Jeffrey McElfresh

Jeffrey McElfresh is a co-owner and founder of JuicyMelt Supreme Hot Sauce.
Jeffrey McElfresh

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