Hey, I got free samples if you like hot sauce? he said

I like hot sauce, one guy answered.

Then you should definitely try all of these, seriously.

OK… what do we got here?

Starting on your left is our mild, it’s a pineapple thyme. Stepping up we have an orange ginger medium, if you like fresh ginger this is your jam. Getting into the hot is the Ruby Wizard,  grapefruit habanero and the extra-hot is a pomegranate ghost pepper sauce, Beauregard. I have these chips here if you want the salt or little spoons here if you don’t. I’d love it if you tried them all and at least let me know what you think.

Mmm, I like the pineapple.

Yep, plenty of sweet, bright pineapple up against that savory thyme character. I’ve been putting a bottle of this in my instant pot with a pork shoulder, then pulling it with forks and making quick tacos. Delicious.

That sounds good. Ginger, eh?

Yep, do you like ginger?

I don’t know. O-G-Catalyst.

Well you’ll know after this. It starts with a citrus orange note that explodes into a fresh, floral burst of ginger. The heat comes in late.

Whoa, that’s really good.

Thanks, and you like ginger. It’s definitely the most unique sauce I make. It hits some people like a curry and some like a mustard.

You make these hot sauces?

I sure do, we’re just a small company out of Dayton trying to do things a bit differently.

Cool. I do like this one. Lot of ginger you say.

Yep. Ginger splits people so if you’re going to go ginger, we say go ginger.

What do you use it on?

OG folds really well into most noodle or rice dishes. It’s great on steamed vegetables and on chicken. Also, a good marinade. Or you can dip your grilled cheese in it.

Okay, so the Ruby Wizard.

This is my go-to. It’s right at the heat level that I love and I can drown my food in it but still keep eating. This sauce is incredible on eggs or breakfast burritos, it crushes!

Woo, that is really good. And here it comes, yeah, that’s got a nice burn to it.

Right? It’s got the heat but not out of control. Just a kiss of grapefruit on the front and a long garlic finish. Definitely my jam. I eat a lot of that sauce.

Now I don’t know about this ghost pepper one.

Cool, if you can handle the heat of the Ruby Wizard you’ve totally got Beauregard. It’s really a small step up in heat. The big difference besides the flavor profile is how the heat comes across. Where the habanero is like, BAM, here I am, the ghost is like this long, rounded curve that starts slow and wants to hang out with you for a while.

Alright, I’m going to try it.

Awesome. Oooh, give it a little better pour than that.

That much?

Yeah, that’s better. Even with the hotter stuff we make hot sauce for people that like to drown their food in it, not just put a couple drops in their chili and blow everyone’s palette. We’re not in the arms race of punishing people. We stick to flavor and balance.

Wow, that is good. Pomegranate…

Pomegranate and black currants, crazy eh?

How did you get to that combo?

It’s what I do. The ghost pepper has such a crazy flavor, like a tropical fruit mixed with a concentrated black peppercorn. The pomegranate plays to the fruit note while the sweet and winey complexity of the currant breaks down some of that peppercorn earthiness and smooths things out. I’ve been loving Beauregard on burgers.

Wow, I can see that. Well, those are all delicious. That’s crazy. You got a good thing going here and I’m impressed. Keep doing what you’re doing. It all works.

Right on! Thanks for trying them all and chatting it up. I appreciate it.


Hey, I got free samples if you like hot sauce? he said

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