Staying positive in the face of adversity is just another challenge we have right now. Social media seems to have a ratio of about one million negative posts to one positive. And the good one wants me to post the 38thphoto on my camera roll with no explanation. That photo is one of my all time favorite comics and I’ve chosen it for the featured image here. Enjoy!

There are some great posts about saving small businesses by ordering pickup/ delivery or buying things online that can be delivered. These are awesome and I support them wholeheartedly. JuicyMelt even did one to hopefully garner some new orders and help us navigate the waters of our now empty event calendars. So, while you’re here, check out our store and let’s make some magic happen!

Twitter is in meltdown, again. As usual. Whatever! Instagram posts seem to have taken a dive as no one wants to post photos of their mandatory couch staycation. And I just discovered that you can pull up a location on snapchat and watch recent videos posted by public users. Voyeurism in the extreme. Whoa.

And so, we’re once again attempting to limit our exposure to that little glowing rectangle of knowledge. To seek it out only in the interests of keeping tabs on the current state of society, the heavy booted march of COVID-19 and to make certain that our families are safe. We’re trying to keep everything charged up for the rolling blackouts that come with martial law while gathering and using every magnet we can find to pull fillings out of our teeth so as to hopefully not anger the gods of 5G. We’ll see.

In the meantime we’ve gotten much better at saying, “I don’t know,” to each other and ourselves. Should we go into work today and meet with clients in a one-on-one setting or should we stay in the house? I don’t know. People say it is the responsible thing to stay home if you can. What does, if you can mean? I don’t know. As small business owners we need every penny we can make just to get by. Is that, if we can? What about all the truck drivers that are replenishing the multiple cases of toilet paper you snatched from the hands of some poor old lady that had to walk to the market this past weekend? She now retreats home clutching only leftover green napkins from an all but cancelled holiday based on getting shitfaced and painting the Irish as drunken lovers that like to “Erin Go Brawl.” Hey, I hear you say. Be kind.

As Jello once asked, “but what can just one of us do?” Well, we’ve taken to trying, and I mean really trying, to understand our stress levels, personally. Sometimes it isn’t immediately obvious just how nervous we are. We’ve also upped our meditation, killing the glow box and taking five minutes to breathe. We like to exercise so we watch a few minutes of the Today show, get flustered, and then pedal that bike at 85% of our MHR. But more than anything, we’ve tried listening to each other more. No one has all the answers and that’s okay. The time is ripe with I don’t knows. So, when the world demands that we choose between our immediate safety and the safety of our future, it’s okay to hit pause. To talk it out. If only that someone is listening.

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