Hello you. I’m excited to be back behind the pen again and writing these blogs. So much has changed, and yet, so much hasn’t. 2020 was a tough year and plenty of folks weren’t as fortunate as us and our business. To those passed beyond our grasp we’d like to express our solemn grief and our determination to inculcate a new direction for our world where these tragedies do not unfold as easily and compassion motivates results. A better world.

At JuicyMelt, we have been hard at work, grinding not only on the business side of things but on ourselves. The markets of the summer and fall saw less attendance but were still a lot of fun and very rewarding. We struggled through preorder systems and drive thru farmers’ markets. We lost some money while we figured out how to ship these heavy little bottles and then we experienced such an outpouring of support for our gift boxes that we stood in gratitude and amazement. We bought laser disco lights and did Youtube karaoke in the living room, stripping our inhibition sans booze.

We have realized that we were given the chance to see what’s important to us, as I’m sure many of you were and still are, also. 2020 felt like a big ol’ flashlight shining on the darkness of our mutually reassured selfishness and narcissism. We saw some of you there, standing beside us or posting to social media, wondering what we were doing in such a wretched state of things to begin with. We found our voices and took to the streets this summer. We masked up and challenged the system this fall. We learned empathy and lifted new voices with our privilege every chance we got. We understood there is no new normal, no return to the way things were. These things are what put us in this jam anyways. The future is an uncarved block of wood. Precious imagination. What we do and how we do it is what matters now. And the JuicyMelt definition of success has definitely changed as we are finding value in areas that we previously took for granted.

At the top of that newly written list for determining success: health and wellness. We’ve been studying up and trying to better understand the link between what we put in our mouths and the results those items have on both our body and our mind. Look for more social media posts discussing not only the effect of what we ingest but also the perceptions, myths and stereotypes of those foods. Our focus is renewed on keeping the proven ingredients in and the mutation generating ingredients to a controlled minimum, lol. Sure, we like to experiment, but we also like to stick to the stuff that isn’t absurdly processed, made from petroleum or has to be given a nickname because the chemical name is insurmountable phonetically.

So, what’s next? What does it all mean?

Well, we have three new sauces slated to roll out in these early months of 2021 AND a whole slew of fresh ideas about what and where we can take JuicyMelt during this grand adventure of year two. JuicyMelt may be our favorite hot sauce but it also represents our favorite lifestyle. A lifestyle that rejects maximalism, corporatist monoculture and business as usual politics. We look with new eyes to build community and promote relationships that improve our world beyond financial complacency. This isn’t about gross capital gainz and loss leaders. This is about the decommodification of people and learning to express our humanity through goodness, kindness and celebration. JuicyMelt is on a mission. We’re invigorated and we are on the path! Wanna walk it with us?

See you out there 2021ers!

Jeffrey McElfresh
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