Being mindful while cooking can be a source of great joy. Cooking the same foods time and time again, however, can cause even a good cook to develop some habits rooted in the doldrums of the process. And cooking commercial hot sauce… well, it’s a very process-oriented endeavor already for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is this notion that you want the product to be recognizable regardless of the batch. Ruby Wizard should taste like Ruby Wizard, every time. There is a bit of wiggle room that we truly appreciate here at the same time though. Being small batch means sometimes the peppers are a bit hotter than usual. They may have a deeper orange or red hue that appears in the pepper flesh. Occasionally, we get an exquisite batch of lemons that when juiced really pop with aroma or sweetness. These differences arisen give us a chance to balance the batch in new and unique ways while still holding true to the product’s theme.

The second is the fact that our recipes must be fully defined in order to be regulated by government agencies. In the world of commercial canning and packaging it is critical that safety is the number one priority. Uniformity is rewarded as a result, and the better one follows process as filed, the smaller the chance of endangering folks in the market.

Making the same recipe over and over and over is challenging mentally. And yet, there is a certain peace to be found in a process. Often this feeling of a natural momentum is wrapped up, buried or simply hidden in the most normal aspects of doing the job.

When we decided that keeping wellness at the forefront of our business was important to us, we gave ourselves the opportunity to constantly evaluate the way we look at things. By refocusing on each moment and being mindful in our discipline, rather than rote, we can reinvent each step as a chance to realize our love of what got us here.

This brings us full circle to the joy of what it means to create something that may be enjoyed by others. We believe the happiness we bring into a project will permeate beyond our little kitchen, and maybe, hopefully, find its way into yours.

Jeffrey McElfresh
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