Be kind. That’s the mantra right now. People are buying up all the toilet paper and bottled water. Friends online are asking what a quarantine actually looks like. Yesterday we lost power for three hours and we listened to the president and his team discuss a response to C19 from our phone at the dinner table. That felt so very surreal I’m not even sure where to begin? I wonder if those same people buying all those bottles of water are some of the same folks pushing for the ban on straws? Be kind.

This week we got a new label proofed. I’m excited to let you all know we have a new hot sauce nearly ready for market. This is going to be a doozy and I’m very excited about it. This new hot sauce blends a little bit of my past with my new future. A great spring treat. I hope you all really like it. We’ll do the unveiling thing very soon. We’re not standing on dates as much as just trying to get through the final hurdles before we speak so bear with us and we’ll let y’all know super soon.

In the meantime, we’ve also been working up some fresh ideas in the kitchen. We are interested in doing some rubs and seasonings here in the near future and yesterday we purchased a highly rated dehydrator. We’ve been doing these homemade oven baked kitchen fries and having a blast with the different seasoning variations. Plus, we get to eat fries!!! White potatoes have been few and far between this winter as we tried to lower our “winter weight pack,” lol. Soon we’ll be busting the smoker out and getting after some delicious delights. We are going to try and do something specific with tofu in mind. Be kind.

I’ve been eating tofu since I was sixteen and have experimented with almost every way you can imagine cooking it. The best is typically fried after a well-seasoned soak in a marinade. This is almost exclusively done with extra firm tofu as it generally has the best “chew” or texture. People can be pretty split over tofu but for me it’s a bit like light beer – there isn’t enough there for me to truly dislike it. Tofu takes on any seasoning just like chicken but tofu doesn’t have that meaty texture. And unfortunately it comes with some strange baggage and social stigma that is really unfounded. It’s a staple at our home for meatless Monday.

And so, we carry on. I hope you and yours are safe, that you have enough resources to weather these choppy waves that the world is throwing at us and that you remember your neighbors. Most of us have good intentions and are just trying to realize our true potential. I like to believe that when we act to protect each other we are naturally acting to protect ourselves. Peace everybody, and please remember – be kind out there!

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