Hey, we’re finally seeing enough growth as a company to have people ask us real questions about real product issues. What are these issues, you ask? The biggest one is “Why do your sauces sometimes separate in the bottle? Is it still good?”

And to this we always reply with absolute certainty, conviction and gratitude: I know, right. Yes, its still good, possibly getting better!

Emulsification is the process by which a system comprising of two immiscible liquids (usually oil and water), one of which is dispersed as small droplets within the other, is produced.

Now hear me out. When we make hot sauce we use one of those big commercial grade immersion blender sticks. They’re heavy and loud, but so far we haven’t found anything else we can afford that does the same magic.  See, when we use this blender during our FDA approved, US Department of Agriculture monitored and tested processes we create a bit of emulsification mystery. We take a handful of ingredients that are not immiscible and we make them temporarily emulsified*. EasyPeasy.

The mystery comes in how long that “energy” stays in solution. We’ve figured out ways to slow down the separation, but we can’t truly stop it as long as we stay true to using the same fresh, sometimes organic, ingredients that hold our recipes together.

Now, there are plenty of things that would help us keep our sauces looking commercially perfect like the paint-brushed model’s face on your fave glossy magazine. Ingredients like rice flour, oil and even Xanthum gum (a polysaccharide that is produced by fermentation of carbohydrates by a gram-negative bacterium (Xanthomonas campestris) and is a thickening and suspending agent used especially in pharmaceuticals and prepared foods) would help or even stop reality. Well, why don’t we resubmit all our recipes with these fancy things added and fall in line with success? Hmm, let me think on that…

We don’t make judgements about using these items if they are in your recipe, they’re just NOT in ours. Instead, we write “please shake” on the side of the bottle and hope that folks take an interest in learning some shit.

So YES! Grab that bottle off the shelf or out of your fridge and shake it like you’re at an OutKast concert before Covid 19 existed and then pour that discombobulated goodness all over that pizza, those wings or the beautiful omelette you deserve this morning. There’s nothing wrong, we promise.

Spicy foods are for shaking up the status quo, not reinforcing some plastic narrative where everything looks right but tastes wrong.

Thank you!

*emulsified – technically this term isn’t proper here, we know. relax


Photo Credit:Rae Witz

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