Last time I asked for folks to share any JuicyMelt pics they had on social media so we could check them out and share. Well, like clockwork, fb “business suite,” or “pages” or blah, blah, blah decided to go on the lam and give us no alerts. No vigilance on our part could spare the lack of knowledge about any posts tagging us. I saw a couple and shared them but only because I was following the poster already. Technology has always been confusing in how quickly it changes, but as I age my reaction to that change seems to be moving from happy early adapter to, I’m taking a short rest and cashing in some hit dice on my sanity. If you get that reference you should try Ruby Wizard, it’s like a 9th level flavor sensation spell with fire damage…


I also mentioned I’d be writing about those mass commercial hot sauces we see and buy from those corporate grocers. I believed I had three main takeaways and I’ll list them now and then discuss each.


  1. People are either unaware or simply do not care about how much they like salt.
  2. I’m not getting much pepper flavor out of anything up against all that vinegar.
  3. This shit is so cheap I thank my lucky stars that JuicyMelt Supreme is still in business.


Things changed when my neurologist told me that because my calf muscles were atrophied, (the gastrocnemius and soleus – these names go out to my sister-in-law that just happens to be in Bio 1 and prolly never reads my blog) my blood pressure could be low due to a lack of the good stuff returning to my heart in a timely fashion. He recommended I up my salt intake and even wrote me a prescription for salt tabs! And I am shocked by the sodium content of these sauces? Yes.


The flavors that do exist outside of any actual pepper flavor in these sauces is wonderful. They make my food better most of the time. I enjoy them very much on greasy foods because I think the acid of the vinegar cuts through all of that bountiful fat. Texas Pete on a Five Guys burger is what I will demand if I ever experience a hangover again, undoubtedly.


Thank you all for supporting JuicyMelt! Seriously. I know what it means to vote with your wallet, especially during a pandemic, and every bottle of sauce we sell means the world to us. We knew hot sauce was competitive when we signed up but walking the path is still very different from seeing it. We’re looking forward to this season as some kind of great reset. I believe those of us that are coming out this side of the pandemic have not only the opportunity to do things better, but the obligation. And we’re going to keep trying!



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