Sitting in the car with the image of our logo in my mind I began to piece out what I believed. What I knew this answer represented for JuicyMelt Supreme.

So seriously, what does the logo mean?

The Clouds. There’s something freeing about starting your own business. You truly are your own boss and you can work whenever you need to. All the time? You set priorities and the focus is happening when you want it too. All the aspects of the business become yours and it really does take on your personality in the beginning. With any luck that personality grows positively and takes on a life of its own. The skies the limit they say. It’s wide open and anything can happen. The clouds offer some framing to this limitless sky. They don’t represent doom or gloom. They represent soft buffers that remind you how big the future is and that you’re flying now. You can look down at any time and gauge progress, but just know you’re up there – above it all.

The being. Floating in an endless sky, above it all. The “supreme” with eyes and hands open. A human shape representing our current mastery of the world we dwell in. Human beings and their ability to create, to destroy, to love. The floating being is all of us. We strive for comfort, to be happy and content. We work towards the skills that will give us these things. The person is relaxed in the effort. Zen. But the body is not ours as we know it. It has a form that yields to time and change and we accept this with adaptation and peace. We error toward perfection.

The fire and the crown. The fire represents the skill of working with a tool. The tool in this case is heat, the heat of the chili. We’ve all heard the expression “playing with fire” and the crown represents the attainment of this skill set. Put very shortly – the objects represent a mastery of making our hot sauce. The crowned ruler of working with hot peppers in our present state. But wait… Are you saying you’re the best hot sauce maker straight out the gate? No. Our skills are focused inwards also and we want to perfect anything we put outward. Whether you consider us the best hot sauce on the table or not isn’t totally relevant. What matters is that we are on that table. (Thank you A.S. wherever you are!) Our constant push to master what we love and make the best products we can is where we reflect the light that allows us to shine. We are dedicated to creating. Skills and knowledge is what allows us to succeed.

The rings. Not only do they draw the eye into the circle but they also suggest the name. The bright colors speak to juicy flavors and the shapes imply the melting. The rings are thinner at the top where they’ve melted towards the bottom in a drip fashion. I think this is also one of the best parts of the logo and was not in the original vision. We should all recognize how important it is to surround yourself with people that move you forward and Greg Tobias does that here with astounding momentum.

The chili pepper third eye. This is my favorite because it told me what I wanted out of a business. I wanted to approach things my way. I wanted to create a recipe that bucked what I thought of hot sauce. I wanted the recipe to deliver with a juicy slap and a solid heat without any extra chatter in the ingredients. The recipes would be written pure. Real food. Ingredients that I could stand behind, think about their properties and talk about with no reservations. And that’s what we’re doing. The placement of the chili pepper represents a new way for us to use our imagination about flavor and aroma, mouthfeel and appearance in creating balance with heat. The third eye looks at things differently and enjoys perspective. “If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it. Want to change the world? There’s nothing to it.” Wonka

Greg Tobias is a local artist and graphic designer who has been working in the creative field for 30 years. He went to Kent State University and received his BFA in graphic design with a minor in painting and printmaking. After graduation he returned to the Dayton area and currently works during the day in local agencies; creating work for such clients in corporate, performing arts, tech industries, college and professional sports teams, and Hollywood studios. At night and on the weekends Greg paints abstract works for local showings and does freelance work for local companies, friends, and local musicians.

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Jeffrey McElfresh

Jeffrey McElfresh is a co-owner and founder of JuicyMelt Supreme Hot Sauce.
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